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How We Work

True expertise is more than meeting your performance, cost and delivery requirements.

It’s doing so with fluency, using a proven process that takes away any doubts or anxieties.

Here’s how our highly collaborative process unfolds.

How We Work
  1. Clearly Establish What You Need

    Let’s start with the what, the when and how many units. Do you have design drawings, an existing piece of equipment or some other form of inspiration we can examine together?

    If it makes sense to compare against other products in our existing catalog, you’re always invited to visit our showroom and test kitchen in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

  2. Conduct a Technical Evaluation

    Our engineering and overseas-scouting teams work with you to define your performance, dimensional, material and other specifications. Bringing our rare combination of both offshore-manufacturing and foodservice-application knowledge to the table, we can preempt potential problems and offer solutions to improve quality and drive down cost.

  3. Identify Manufacturing Candidates

    With a clear, detailed description of the product, our overseas-scouting team goes to work researching and thoroughly evaluating potential manufacturers, vetting them through a foodservice lens other sourcing agents don’t have.

    Does the manufacturer understand requirements related to food-contact surfaces? Does it have experience with nonstick coatings? Uniform heat distribution? Does it have the metal-forming capabilities to eliminate seams notorious for collecting food?

    To reach the final field, candidates are subjected to an extensive audit scoresheet, like this one we use in China.

    And we only source from socially responsible suppliers that demonstrate fair employment practices and maintain safe workplace environments.

  4. Provide Quotes

    You get detailed estimates for either an order on an existing finished product we’ve found that’s close to what you need or the cost to produce a new product, with explanations of any variability between suppliers and, if applicable, any potential issues to troubleshoot or deviations from the original design submission.

    At this point, you have the option, and you’re always invited, to get an up-close look at a manufacturer by joining us for an in-person visit. We’ll receive you when you arrive in the country and serve as your personal guide, so you can be free of any anxiety about culture or language barriers.

  5. Order Samples

    We order, review and provide a report on a short run of your product, scrutinizing the appearance, dimensions, performance-quality and other critical factors, then, confirming the process and materials are the same as what will be used in a rollout.

  6. Handle Agency & Shipping

    At the same time, we’ll pursue any necessary agency approvals and prepare all freight arrangements, including customs documentation at both ports, Department of Homeland Security compliance, inventory tracking, delivery schedules and so on.

  7. Start Production & Finalize Delivery

    Manufacturing is underway, while we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s on the process of getting the final product to your destination on time—whether it’s delivered to your specified location(s) upon import or sent to our Phoenix warehouse to be inventoried and distributed as needed.

  8. Provide Ongoing Customer Support

    Throughout the entire process and long after your product is shipped, Global Solutions is on-hand to answer questions, provide technical support or address any issues or concerns that might arise.